Brunettes may look Demure but they’re Wildcats in the Bed

June 5, 2017

I know the whole blondes have more fun term might be a cliché, but in many cases I have to agree. As a sexy Paris escort some of my best encounters occurred when I had my hair blonde. Somehow the whole blonde and busty combination seemed an irresistible choice for many men looking for companionship.


Long blonde locks running down a girl’s back has always been arousing, even for me. No wonder the hottest escorts from on TV and in magazines are vivacious blondes.

I had a boyfriend in college that loved it when I turned my hair blonde. He always said it made me look sexy and innocent. To be honest, that would probably be the closest I ever came to being innocent! He loved it when I acted innocent and naive.

I know many escorts dont like the idea of it but I find it highly erotic when the guy struggles to get his erect cock up there and the absolute bliss that follows when hes inside completely.This is exactly what the outcome was most of the time when I enticed him with my innocent persona. He would ram me hard from behind, sometimes pulling on my ponytails like he was riding a horse. It would always end triumphantly as he came deep in my ass.

Ive been with blonde escorts too and when their long blonde hair falls across my busty chest while they ground me hard it always aroused me to the point of no return. I would stare in her blue eyes, watching her face writhe in lustful agony as she climaxed on me, her blonde hair bouncing up and down with the motion of her body.

I’ve had some amazing times with brunette Paris escorts. I had a girlfriend a few years ago. She was one of the hottest brunette lesbians I had ever set my eyes on. She had long, dark hair and piercing blue eyes. A mere look into my eyes already caused me to moisten up!