Female Clients, Yes They Exist!

June 5, 2017

I adore my gentlemen.  I really do.  Although I am bisexual, I couldn’t live in a world without men.  However, I find women to be the most beautiful creatures on earth.  Every once in a while, much to my delight, the opportunity presents itself for me to enjoy a date with a female client.


I clearly and enthusiastically let it be known that I am always thrilled to attend to the needs and desires of female clients.  I truly never imagined the response I would receive once I advertised my availability to women.  I am pleased to say that I have had the pleasurably good fortune of serving as the companion to more than a few women over the course of my chosen career.  Escorts aren’t strictly for men.  Or at least they shouldn’t be.  Why shouldn’t a woman treat herself to the services of a female companion?  As more women have become confident in their sexuality and have learned to act upon their desires I have seen the number of female callers increase.  I have also seen more escorts tailoring their services to meet the needs of women.  No longer is it wildly unusual to receive a date request from a woman.

I am always ecstatic to discover I will be entertaining a female.  As I previously stated, I enjoy men tremendously as they provide me with such exquisite and deep pleasure.  However, nobody knows a woman’s body and mind as well as another woman.  I consider myself relatively laid back and relaxed on the majority of my dates but when that date is with another woman there is a divine level of comfort and excitement that resonates throughout my entire body.  I enjoy the looks of curiosity, awe and envy when I am publicly out on the arm of another woman.  It excites me to know that many are staring because they are trying to imagine what we do behind closed doors.

I believe more women will utilize the services of female escorts as society continues to become more accepting of same-sex relationships. Speaking from experience, I have seen a definitive increase of women seeking female escorts, but not nearly enough to satisfy my desires.  Fortunately, I have several sexy female escort girlfriends with whom I offer doubles to men brave enough to take on two London beauties at a time.  I realize my role as an escort isn’t necessarily all about me and my desires but escorts have fantasies just like everyone else. You can’t blame a girl for enjoying her craft!

You hear all of the time that sex toys are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and this is definitely true and in my line of work this can be very useful indeed! Now I obviously dont need them but I always offer all that I can to my clients and so I love to have the sex toys available and most men just love using them on me or together as we have fun..